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The clay guides me in its characteristics. I guide the clay with my imagination and hands. In the space between us, something new is born in every encounter. This is love. 

My passion and love of clay is rooted in my childhood in an Israeli Kibbutz (near Gaza). We played every day, almost naked, in a mud box. I loved the look of mud, its texture, smell and taste. This multi-sensory experience accompany me throughout my professional life. The clay connects me back to the childish inquiring part, which plays with deepest seriousness, ignoring rules of right and wrong, embracing discoveries and surprises.

My work with clay reflects both my apparent and hidden inner being. The works immerges from my personal processes and experiences, as well as from social and cultural events, both local and global. I am using personal images, cultural images and images from our ancient collective memory.


My works deliver themselves in a continuous process as one work leads to the next, and each topic leads to another. The works are generally of simple form. I love the natural appearance of clay, so usually I do not cover it with paint and glazes. Instead, sometimes I join it with natural materials such as metals and earth.

I create with clay and clay creates in me, together this is a constant growth process.

Zibo, China, 2016
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